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The ambient (ATC) or outside air temperature sensor is an (NTC) negative temperature coefficient sensor that informs the semiautomatic/automatic temperature control system of outside air temperature. The NTC sensor’s resistance decreases as the outside air temperature increases. It is the job of the ambient temperature sensor to measure the external temperature of the vehicle as a reference point for the computer to make calculations. The computer will continuously monitor the signal from the ambient temperature sensor and make automatic adjustments as needed to maintain cabin temperature. Best Answer: ambient air temperature or iat, intake air temperature. measures temperature of the air going into the engine so that the computer can calculate the density of the air to determine the amount of fuel that will need to be added. there is no connection between this sensor and the ac. The ambient air temperature sensor is in front of the radiator. Connecting wires come from the right, near the rear of the left head light, as you are facing the engine … from the front of the car. The demand defrost control measures heat pump outdoor ambient temperature with a sen- sor located outside the outdoor coil. A second sensor located on the outdoor coil is used to measure the coil temperature. The difference between the ambient and the colder coil tem- perature is the difference or delta-T measure- ment. I have a 1993 ford taurus 3.8L V6 automatic GL. Can you tell me what the purpose of the "ambient air temperature sensor" is and can it make your car ... Ambient Air Temperature Sensor. What It Does: The Ambient Air Temperature Sensor (AAT) is used by the climate. control module and body control module to report outside temperature readings as well as. to control vehicles interior temperature on vehicles equipped with an automatic climate. Buy ACDelco 10248414 GM Original Equipment Ambient Air Outside Temperature Sensor: Ambient Air Temperature - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible ... Replace Ambient Air Temprature Sensor on a 2005 Infiniti G35 For more information on RepairSolutions® and available promotions, please visit ... An Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor is essential for good engine performance and fuel economy. But what does this IAT sensor actually do? Buzzle answers ... sleeping medication belsomra
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